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Would having comprehensive, accurate and timely real estate information from across Canada give you a competitive advantage?  Are you trying to plan where to launch your next big project?  Are you reviewing your relocation benefit package?  Do you want to monitor what costs your transferees are going to incur in their new communities?

We are pleased to announce a significant expansion of our market research offerings throughout Canada.  For years we have tracked rental rates in several Canadian cities, but we are now finding clients are looking for much more comprehensive and sophisticated market intelligence to make key decisions.  We have begun collecting housing data on a wide variety of properties as well as monitoring market trends, population numbers and cost of living metrics in all the cities we service across Canada.  By leveraging our extensive network of Relocation Specialists, we retain control of the data gathering process – what information is collected and how often – so we can produce highly customized reporting for each market and client either ad hoc or on a regularly scheduled basis.  With our local expertise in each area, we can guarantee the most accurate and timely information about market statistics and trends.  Companies can use this valuable information to forecast employee relocation costs of everything from a single move to an entire project.  It can also help them review/establish their relocation benefit policies.

We issue customized reports on an ad hoc basis or on a regular schedule depending on our clients’ requirements. Speak to us about your market research needs.