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A critical component to a successful corporate relocation program is to determine realistic and fair housing budgets for the transferring employee. A CVE report is a focused analysis comparing a specific address, normally the employee’s present residence, with three similar options in a community where the employee is expected to be transferred. The CVE will establish the cost differential between the employee’s current housing costs and what they will experience in their new location. This input will allow the employer to put the appropriate compensation in place to permit the employee, and their families, to maintain a constant lifestyle after the move, help the organization avoid overspending on housing allowances, aid with setting realistic expectations prior to the move, and, when necessary, assist in determining mortgage subsidies for relocating employee.

CVE reports are available from any location in Canada or the US to any community in either country.

We issue customized reports on an ad hoc basis or on a regular schedule depending on our clients’ requirements. Speak to us about your CVE needs.

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