Relocation Policy Consultation, Review, and Development - Welcomehome Relocations

The first and most fundamental component to a successful relocation is a clear and concise corporate relocation policy. With over 17 years of experience in global mobility, Welcomehome Relocations’ team is equipped with the essential knowledge and understanding to advise on the unique challenges presented by corporate relocation.

We can help you design, build, and implement a successful and customized domestic or global relocation policy that embraces your corporate culture, current relocation trends, and your reporting requirements to ensure the policy is both effective and cost-effective.

Benefits Corporate Client

  • Defined, allowable entitlements will ensure the relocation costs remain within predetermined budget.
  • The relocation policy provides a method to track, measure and compare relocation costs.
  • A competitive relocation policy is an attractive benefit to potential employees.
  • A well written policy defines transferee benefits, sets transferee expectations, and outlines procedures for the transferee and the corporate client.

Benefits to Relocating Employee

  • A well-defined relocation policy clearly defines employee entitlements which eliminates perceived inequalities between employees and sets employee expectations about the move.


Whether you’re drafting a new policy or making an update to an existing one, Welcomehome can help you build a policy that meets your unique requirements ensuring the program will attract the talent you need in a cost-effective manner.