Relocaiton Services - Predecision Trip - Welcomehome Relocations

Many companies now offer relocation candidates an opportunity to experience the proposed destination before final decisions are made about the relocation.  Welcomehome Relocations Predecision Trip provides candidates with a realistic evaluation of the prospective city. After speaking with the transferee the dedicated Relocation Specialist will tailor an orientation tour based the transferee’s needs and interests. When you consider the costly implications a failed relocation, or lost opportunity of a candidate, this small initial investment can save substantial resources in the long run.

*As a standard component of any of our accompanied services, a unique username and password will be assigned to each new transferee giving them immediate and unlimited access to our online Destination Login resources. 

Benefits to Corporate Client

  • Proven cost savings by reducing the rate of failed transfers through early identification of candidates who are unable or unwilling to relocate.
  • Increased acceptance rates as the trip helps to sell the potential relocation to prospective candidates.

Benefits to Relocating Employee

  • Consultation prior to trip, designed to identify the needs of the relocating employee and their family.
  • Customized orientation tours based on the requirements discussed during initial consultation.
  • Dedicated Relocation Specialist available to discuss concerns and answer questions about the city.
  • Customized city information package based on unique requirements of the relocating employee and their family.
  • Firsthand knowledge and experience provides a clear picture of what is available to suit their lifestyle.