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How do I contact you to receive more information on your services?

Please visit our Contact Us page you will find a contact us request form. Send this form in and we will make sure it is redirected to the correct department!

Where can I find information on the city that I’m moving to?

Once your relocation has started with Welcomehome you will receive exclusive access to our extensive library of information on your destination city.  Designed for all mobile and desktop devices, this tool will be a great resource for you throughout your relocation.

Can Welcomehome assist my family after we have already relocated?

Yes! Welcomehome Lifestyles is a premium concierge and errand service. We organize, run errands, transport and generally help where help is needed. Trust us to simplify your life, make your time more your own, and alleviate the stresses cramping your style. Visit http://whlifestyles.com/ to learn more about this service.

How will Welcomehome assist me with my relocation?

Welcomehome provides one on one personalized service determined by each client’s individual needs. You, the transferee decide what level of our involvement you want through your relocation. Your relocation consultant will be there assist you and answer any and all questions that arise during your time together. We ensure that our clients are properly informed and relocate to Canada with all the documentation required by Canadian Federal and Provincial authorities. We also assist them with being processed through the Canadian system for Health Care, Drivers License, Vehicle registrations, and Social Insurance Numbers. Our unique “settling in” service specializes in providing customized assistance to relocating employees based on our in-depth, comprehensive needs analysis that we conduct at various stages throughout the relocation process.

Why should we use a relocation service provider instead of just relocating ourselves?

Relocating to a new city or country can be an extremely stressful situation. Using a relocation agency can alleviate much of the stress associated with a move. Your relocation consultant will assist you through your move and take away the unknowns they may arise.

What does a Relocation Specialist do?

A relocation specialist acts as the transferee’s single point of contact and guidance in the destination city. The designated consultant will familiarize the transferee with their new locale and assist them through the intricate aspects of the relocation.

How long has Welcomehome been in business?

Welcomehome Relocations started business in 1998 servicing the Greater Toronto and Montreal areas. Welcomehome Relocations incorporated in 2004 and has grown to become Canada’s largest provider of destination services.

Where in Canada does Welcomehome operate?

We have an established network of over 130 Specialists servicing more than 40 Canadian destinations. Please visit our geographic areas serviced page.

What services do you provide?

Welcomehome offers a variety of service options that can be tailored to the individual needs of the transferee and corporate client.

Service Options:

  • Area Orientations
  • Rental Assistance
  • Temporary Housing Assistance
  • Departure Packages
  • Settling-In Assistance
  • Government Assistance
  • Move Management
  • Pre-decision or Recruitment Trip
  • Policy Formulation and Administration
  • Trusted Partner Services
    • Worldwide Destination Services
    • Automobile Leasing and Purchases
    • Visa and Immigration Services
    • Foreign Exchange Services
What if I need assistance with something not listed?

We specialize in every facet of domestic, cross-border, and international relocation. We develop a one on one personalized service. Our list of services provided represents the most commonly requested services, but we welcome any and all additional requests. Our consultants work with our clients to ensure they are set up with what they need and want.

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