Destination Services
Welcomehome Relocations provides a range of Destination Services to assist relocating individuals and their families with their relocation needs. Learn More >

Area Orientation
An Area Orientation provides the assignee with an in-depth tour of their new community and areas of specific interest. This service will familiarize the transferee and their family with the city’s local amenities based on their distinct requirements. Learn More >

Departure Packages
Welcomehome Relocations’ Departure Package effectively and efficiently helps the assignee to move onto his/her next assignment by assisting with the administrative processes involved in moving out of their current rental accommodations. Learn More >

Move Management
Based on the unique corporate relocation needs, Welcomehome Relocations’ Move Management solution coordinates all elements of the employees move process to ensure a seamless, streamlined experience. Learn More >

Policy Consultation, Review and Development
Our Relocation Policy solution creates (or updates) your company’s relocation policies by matching competitive market data, extensive policy databases and relocation trend knowledge/analysis to your company’s overall strategy and corporate culture. Learn More >

Predecision Trip
A Predecision Trip gives the transferee firsthand knowledge and experience in a new location allowing for a reliable evaluation and assessment upon which to base their relocation decision. Learn More >

Rental Search
Welcomehome Relocations Rental Search assists the assignee in finding a home that meets their individual requirements. The service includes coordinating tours of rental homes that best suit the employee’s needs, budget and lifestyle along with assisting with all the paperwork. Learn More >

Settling-in Assistance
Welcomehome Relocations provides a comprehensive and flexible menu of administrative services such as school searches, securing healthcare, setting up banking, applying for a SIN and a local drivers’ license. The settling-in package will be tailored to the relocating employee’s specific needs. Learn More >

Short-Term Accommodations
Through a needs analysis, a Welcomehome Relocation Specialist will identify the individual requirements of the transferee and will proceed to locate and secure fully furnished suites, condominiums or houses for a temporary or short-term stay. Learn More >

Research Packages
Custom Research Packages provide relocating employees with an introduction to their destination city. Learn More >

Comparable Value Estimates (CVE)
Customized CVE reports are available from any location in Canada or the US to any community in either country. Learn More >

Community Market Research
Comprehensive Canada Wide Market research about real estate activity, property sales and rental transactions, cost of living trends, population statistics in every major market across Canada. Learn More >

Trusted Partner Services
In order to provide our clients with the most effective and comprehensive services, we have developed a network of trusted partnerships. Our partners can help us offer our clients the best in Destination Services anywhere in the world, other services include: Visa and Immigration Services, Automobile Leases and Purchases, Foreign Exchange Services. Learn More >

Signature Plus
Signature Plus is a full service solution for your relocating executives. This comprehensive package supports the employee from before they arrive at their Canadian destination, until they are settled into their new locale. Learn More >

Virtual Destination Services
Virtual Destination Services include a combination of research, Skype/phone and email support to assist the transferee during their relocation. This innovative approach to corporate relocation ensures that the employee receives the support that they need, the way that they want it. Learn More >

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