Employee Relocations - Features and Benefits, Welcomehome Relocations

Features and Benefits of our Service

Welcomehome Relocations is a one-stop solution for all your needs related to corporate relocation. Our flexible package options for employee relocations are designed to benefit both the corporate client and the individual assignee/transferee. We are confident that our proven method of combining great people, customized solutions and innovative technology will result in a successful relocation.

Features of Our Service

  • National coverage – an established network of over 130 Specialists servicing more than 40 Canadian destinations.
  • Flexible pricing and package options.
  • One on one personalized service for the relocating employee.
  • Single point of contact for the corporate client.
  • Whenever possible, contact with transferee is established prior to their arrival to proactively determine their needs and to set their minds at ease.
  • Each transferee is provided with a detailed personalized assistance and information kit with information concerning health insurance, driver’s license, social insurance number and any additional provincial or federal requirements.
  • As a standard component of any of our accompanied services, a unique username and password will be assigned to each new transferee giving them immediate and unlimited access to our online Destination Login resources.
  • One of our professional Relocation Specialists will be available for a wide variety of settling-in services, rental search, and orientation activities depending on the package selected.
  • Feedback process to ensure service standards are maintained.
  • We accept NO REFERRAL FEES.
  • An unbiased approach to providing advice and recommendations to the relocating employee.

Benefits of Our Service

  • Eliminates relocation stress and frustrations– Peace of mind for transferees and their families knowing that needs are being looked after.
  • Increases productivity– Allows transferees to focus on their new positions and companies instead of trying to take care of personal business.- Other company personnel are not required to assist the transferee and can focus on their own responsibilities.
  • Increases loyalty to the company– Investment in a transferee’s well-being fosters employee engagement. When employees are engaged they are emotionally attached to the vision and direction of the organization.- Perception of working for a progressive, caring company encourages enthusiasm, confidence, and commitment to the organization.
  • Enhances Recruitment and Selection– Increased potential for companies to acquire the best individuals for positions as a result of offering a total relocation package.

Our Mobile Society

Today’s world is increasingly mobile. This makes corporate relocation a necessary part of business in today’s marketplace. Assisting employees, cost-effectively, through their relocation is essential if organizations are to attract and retain valuable employees. Our extensive experience in global mobility gives us the necessary tools and knowledge to support employee’s while they settle into their new Canadian destination.

Our comprehensive suite of Destination Services can be tailored to your organizations unique requirements. From a full service solution for your relocating executives (ex. Signature Plus) to a more autonomous strategy for your tech-savvy or millennial employee (ex. Virtual Destination Services) to a more traditional Destination Service (ex. Area Orientation, Rental Search, Settling-In) we work with you to customize a solution that will best support your employees.