A word from Mrs. Claus about coping with a travelling partner

Mrs. Claus here! I just wanted to speak with you all about a little thing called globalization. This worldwide trend has lead companies to become border-less and internationally integrated limiting domestic borders. Now, my hubby Mr. Claus has been doing this since the beginning of time. He has always seen the importance of servicing an international community. The rise of globalization has left many couples to deal with the reality of one or both partners travelling for work. Frequent travelling can be stressful on the family unit. Let me tell you, it’s difficult to see Mr. Claus leave on his sleigh every December 24th (although thinking about all the happy children of the world eases my worries). Missing experiences and celebrations at home can put a strain on any relationship. This stress manifests itself in both the travelling spouse and the one that’s left behind. The traveller may feel guilty for leaving, sad about what they may be missing, and stress about getting ready to leave. The partner that’s left behind must find ways to cope while their spouse is away, and then find ways to accommodate them when they return.
I love Mr. Claus as much as I love a bowl full of jelly! The separation has become easier over the years, however it is never easy. Mr. Claus and I have a strong relationship. We have come up with what that have eased the time while he is away. We have found that the meeting and separating times are the key moments in our relationship. By showing our love to one another we help to secure our relationship. This security makes our relationship more resilient to the strains of business travel. Make sure you pay particular attention to how you say good-bye and how you say hello to each other as they have a large impact on your overall relationship. Whether the trip was short or long I always great my man with a big hug and kiss (and of course milk and cookies, he never gets sick of those). After a business trip we make an effort to put aside some alone time to reconnect with one another. The elves know not to disturb us after Santa has been away! A stocking on the doorknob seems to do the trick 😉
It’s important to remember that you are in this together! You need to incorporate open two-way communication where each partner can speak freely about their feelings and reservations. Below are a few tips to help minimize the stress of business travel.
Good luck!
xoxo Mrs. Claus
• Talk about the trip as soon as possible
• Make a communication plan about how, when, what methods will be used for communication
• Find creative ways to stay involved with each other – email, text, phone, and journal, send photos, skype etc.
• The more frequent the communication – especially on longer trips – the better
• Express real interest in each other’s experiences during the time away
• Set aside time to share personal experiences
• When you have time together, be present and focus on one another
• Welcome your partner home
• Whenever possible, be willing to travel with your partner and enjoy a great trip

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