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Financial District    


In Destination Services, it is important to have knowledge of all key areas across the city. The Financial District is considered “Old Toronto” and is central. As many of our transferees move due to work, this area is ideal in terms of location and convenience for those of us that work in the office or are a part of a hybrid system. Real estate in this area has presented high rates for a long time compared to other areas. It is ideal for transportation, and it is very accessible to reach most areas in the city.


When moving to a new city/area, it is a big help to know your way around in terms of food options.  The financial district is unlike other areas, as it specializes in higher-end restaurants.  There are not many small, independent restaurants in this district.  Below are some viable options, both high-end and lower budget.

  • Pizzeria Libretto $$
    • A lively spot that specializes in wood-fired pizzas, prime if you’re looking for classic, simple ingredients.
  • King Taps $$
    • A trendy restaurant that offers 72 beers on tap and classic pub favorites; food recommendation: Stinging Bee pizza.
  • Volos Greek Cuisine $$$
    • A Greek restaurant with an upscale menu and a wide variety of wines.


  • Library Bar
    • Located in the Royal York Hotel, a cocktail bar perfect for a night out with a wide variety of sips.
  • O’Frenchy
    • Specializes in French classics, notable for their authentic crêpes.
  • Melrose On Adelaide
    • Dimly lit cocktail bar with small plates and charcuterie.


In Destination Services, we would like to highlight what stands out in the new area to our transferees.  The Financial District is the textbook depiction of a “concrete jungle”.  It thrives in the business department and has the city’s top firms.  Some things to do in this area to really capture this notable area of Toronto are:

  • Hockey Hall of Fame
    • General tickets go for $25; youth (4-13) go for $15; senior tickets go for $20; children under 3yrs are free.
  • BATL Axe Throwing
    • Fun activity for coworkers, friends, and special events.


Knowing how to get around when relocating to a new city/area is key.  The Financial District is one of the most convenient areas to live in Toronto.  Whether you work 5 minutes or 50 minutes from home, there is easy access to get there.  This area is unique because it has the PATH; this is an underground pedestrian walkway, reaching many points, making it a sheltered way to get from place-to-place; very handy for our cold winter months.  As it is convenient, many people have gotten lost when travelling through; below is a map of the PATH:

Destination Services - Financial District

*Image provided by Daily Hive.


If you are relocating to Toronto, it is key to know average rents across the city to find the area that fits within your budget.  Below are the average rental rates for the Financial District:

  • 1-bedroom apartment: 2600
  • 2-bedroom apartment: 3000
  • 3-bedroom apartment: 3800

Real estate continues to rise in this area, and condos continue to be built.  A lot of the real estate market in this area is taken up by offices and corporate spaces.


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Relocating To Toronto - Ossington Relocation
*Map provided by Retail Insider.
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Financial District

In Destination Services, it is important to have knowledge of all key areas across the city. The Financial District is considered “Old Toronto” and is central.

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