Relocation Services Canada

Relocation Services Canada – Understanding the Differences for Employee Relocation between Canada and the US
Canada and the United States of America have a lot in common. At the surface, it can be hard to spot the differences. The two nations share a lot of the same culture, resources and human rights. Workers looking to […]

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Students Relocating To Canada

Tips for International Students Relocating to Canada


Canadian universities and colleges continue to see more students attending their schools from overseas. For many years China sent a steady stream of students to Canada, but schools are now seeing an increase from countries such as Nigeria, Brazil, Russia, France and Vietnam. The Canadian Bureau for International […]

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Renting in Canada: What are my rights?

As a tenant in Canada you have legal rights. Your rights are outlined in the Human Rights Act and the Residential Tenancies Act.

Human Rights Act

Canadian Human Rights Act

Alberta Human Rights Act

British Columbia Human Rights Code

Manitoba Human Rights Code

New Brunswick Human Rights Act

Newfoundland and Labrador Human Rights Act

Northwest Territories Human Rights Act

Nova Scotia Human Rights […]

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How Hard Is It For Trump Hating Americans to Relocate to Canada?

It seems there a common theme happening in the news. Donald Trump seems to continue to gain traction in the upcoming US Presidential Election. It may seem far away, but November 8th is approaching with every primary, it seems Donald Trump may have a real shot at being on the final ticket.

Regardless of your […]

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Canadian Winter Wonders

Thanks to American Appraisal for this great infographic on Canadian Winters.

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Block Heaters

The Importance of a Block Heater
What is a block heater?
Engine block heaters are devices for warming up your engine, oil and engine coolant in cold weather. These heaters are mounted in the area surrounding the cylinder or against the engine block and can be plugged into standard household outlets. Engine block heaters help enable […]

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You can’t be young forever.

There is no question that the Canadian population is aging. We have been aware that at some point we would have to face that issue. That time is now. The real issue is how will this impact the Canadian population? Obviously we can expect social program costs to increase, health care costs to increase, […]

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The Canadian Population Census Highlights

The Canadian government has release the 2011 Census. This census compiles data from across Canada to summarize the population and population trends. It is used as a tool in a variety of fields and studies. Most importantly it helps decision makers come to an informed assessment of their community and how it has changed, […]

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10 Facts about Canada

1. Canada is bilingual. Both English and French are official languages.
2. Canada’s name comes from a St. Lawrence Iroquoian word, kanata, which means village or settlement.
3. The national animal of Canada is the beaver.
4. The national symbol of Canada is the maple leaf.
5. We do say eh… a lot.
6. Our currency is the Canadian […]

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Hysterically funny, amazingly talented people. That’s what I think of when I think of Canada. That, and cold beer. And mountains.

You’re sitting in your cubicle when the phone rings, it’s your boss. He wants to speak with you immediately, and he doesn’t sound happy. What could it be? You finished that proposal on time, early in fact; you thought you won over those foreign executives in the presentation, but maybe not. You walk along […]

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