Are you considering relocating?

Posted on September 14, 2012
How much will the entire move cost? Are you paying for it or is your employer. If you are paying for it, remember to factor the cost of the mover and all the moving supplies, bubble wrap, furniture covers, labels, markers, utility knife, boxes, tape, etc.
Where are you going to live? Research the city you are planning to relocate to. What is the vacancy rate if you will be renting? What will your living expenses be. Remember to factor in taxes, rent, mortgage and general living expenses. Do you need to reserve an elevator at your soon to be new home? Will you be driving to work or taking public transportation? How long will it take you to get to work?
When is your start date? Remember to keep a few days in between if you need to do any government services (opening a bank account and transferring money), unpacking and getting settled.
What if things don’t work out for you at your new job; are there any other positions similar to what you are doing. Typically when you relocate, you have received a promotion or advancement. What if you decide not to relocate, how will this affect your career. If you are joining a new organization, consider your career opportunities with the new company. Find out why the position is available, why did the last person leave, is it a newly created position, is their room for advancement? Most importantly, do you want to move? Make sure you want the move and are ready for the move. New beginnings can be stressful and frightening but shouldn’t have to be.
Welcomehome Relocations can assist with rental searches, orientations, government/settling in services, research, education packages, home and neighbourhood packages just to name a few. Need a place to stay until your new home is ready, Welcomehome Executive Residences can accommodate business travellers and families for short or long term stays in the Kitchener/Waterloo and Sarnia areas. Need assistance with unpacking and getting organized, let one of our Lifestyles consultants do that for you.
The Welcomehome Group for all of your relocation needs. Just give us your list and we’ll take care of you!

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