Employee Relocation: Understanding Millennials Desire to be Mobile

How are the expectations of millennials in the workforce different from previous generations? How can businesses attract millennial talent on a global level?  It’s no secret; millennials are one of the most mobile workforces in history. Not only are workers aged 18-to-35 willing to move from one job to another, they are willing to move to […]

Turning "Stressful Times" into "Comfortable Processes" Across Canada

Attentive, wonderful, helpful, detail-oriented, calming, positive, easy – these are a few of the words used to describe our team of Relocation Specialists across Canada. Read the testimonials below to learn more about the support our team can provide to relocating employees when assisting with destination and settling-in services. “I needed someone to view an […]

Continued Increase in International Student Numbers in Canadian Schools

Why has Canada become a popular destination for international students? The Canadian education system continues to attract international students to its secondary and post-secondary schools. The rise in popularity from international students stems from the strong reputation that many Canadian schools, including the University of Toronto, University of Waterloo and the University of British Columbia, […]

Increasing Levels of Confidence and Comfort through the Relocation Process

Our Relocation Specialists based in Calgary, Regina and Toronto provide excellent customer service! They each understand the importance of customizing their service for relocating individuals and each of the families involved in the process. “Theresa, you were given such a short time frame to work with, and were still able to provide me with a […]

Welcoming, Helpful and Understanding Relocation Specialists in Toronto & Vancouver

We’re thankful for our team of experienced and supportive Relocation Specialists in Toronto and Vancouver. Great work, team! “The agent (Howard) was fantastic! He had excellent local knowledge and guided me through the process.” – P.B., February 2018 “You have been awesome to work with and if we had to relocate to Toronto again we would […]

"Knowledgeable" and Dedicated Approach to Assist Transferees in Ottawa

Our Relocation Specialists provide a wealth of experience and knowledge to assist families transferring to the Ottawa area. Thank you to our Ottawa team for all of your hard work and dedication to our transferees! “Our consultant, Neil was very knowledgeable about the city of Ottawa and managed to find an appropriate home to lease […]

Ontario Introduces New Standardized Lease: An Overview for Tenants and Landlords

Ontario has introduced a new standardized lease template that will be mandatory for most private residential rental units to use as of April 30th, 2018. It is hoped that the standard lease will provide increased clarity between landlords and tenants when it comes to lease agreements. With the large number of private rentals in Ontario […]

Virtual Destination Services & Employee Relocation

Learn How our Virtual Destination Services Can Help With your Employee Relocation When relocating to another city, province or country there are many things to take into account. At Welcomehome Relocations, we understand that our clients require a high level of personalization when it comes to their relocation plan. We work hard to ensure the […]

Relocation Services Canada

Welcomehome Relocation Services Canada – Helping Employees Achieve Their Relocation Goals At Welcomehome Relocation Services Canada we help relocating employees and their families experience a smooth and effective relocation. Moving for your career can be one of the most important moments of both your professional and personal life. Our team of experienced relocation consultants will […]

Toronto Housing

Toronto is widely regarded as one of the most multicultural cities in the world.  This is due to the astonishing fact that about half the city’s population was born outside of Canada.  As being the fourth biggest city in North America, it’s also one of the safest in the world. Downtown Toronto is one of […]

Challenges Expatriates Face When Moving Back to Canada

Understanding Reverse Culture Shock – Challenges Expatriates Face When Moving Back to Canada Living abroad is one of the most exciting experiences you can encounter. You get to explore a new land, with interesting people, new surroundings and the ability to grow as both a person and a professional. Most expats walk away from their […]

Bill C-25: How Canada Benefits From More Diverse Work Environments

Most would agree that Canada is an excellent place to live and to work. Our cultural diversity plays an essential role in making Canada the country we enjoy today. Many Canadian businesses find a lot of benefits from having a diverse workforce. Welcoming a wide range of people into our economy usually leads to a […]

Trump Looks at Canada for Immigration Policy

You probably read the headlines after the November Presidential Election. The Canadian Government’s website for immigration, refugee and citizenship applications crashed due to a flood of Americans wanting to jump north of the border because of Trump’s victory. Turns out that the site was having issues before the election because of the deadline for ‘electronic […]

Employment Relocation

Ways to Make Your Employment Relocation More Successful There’s nothing like landing that dream job. With so many exciting things running through your head, you are probably eager to begin this new chapter in your life. Today’s business world is not limited to a specific geographic location. Technology has opened the door to international collaboration. […]

Employment Relocation

Things to Consider When Thinking About an Employment Relocation Switching up jobs is never an easy decision; it’s a lot harder when employment relocation is a part of the equation. There are many things to take into consideration and a lot of research that needs to take place. As an employee relocation consulting company in […]

Relocation Services Canada

Relocation Services Canada – Understanding the Differences for Employee Relocation between Canada and the US Canada and the United States of America have a lot in common. At the surface, it can be hard to spot the differences. The two nations share a lot of the same culture, resources and human rights. Workers looking to […]

Students Relocating To Canada

Tips for International Students Relocating to Canada   Canadian universities and colleges continue to see more students attending their schools from overseas. For many years China sent a steady stream of students to Canada, but schools are now seeing an increase from countries such as Nigeria, Brazil, Russia, France and Vietnam. The Canadian Bureau for […]

Preparing to Relocate Overseas – Things You Need to Know Before You Leave

So, you’ve decided to take the big leap and move overseas for work. It’s an exciting time, full of new adventures, opportunities and travel. More and more workers are finding profitable and exciting work relocation opportunities internationally. The process of moving abroad for work can be both exciting and scary. There are so many thoughts […]

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