Rental Scams

Rental Scams in Ontario – How to Know If You’re Being Scammed Complex rental scams are happening all around the province of Ontario and giving Kijiji a bad reputation. After seeing a listing on Kijiji, an Ottawa couple signed a lease for a townhouse and paid the landlord both first and last month’s rent prior […]

Preparing For The Rental Process

Finding the Right Rental – How an Employee Relocation Professional Can Help Assignees Find the Perfect New Home Finding a new place to rent isn’t easy, it’s especially tough when you’re looking for a new home due to an employee relocation. Without the right supports in place, you and your family could be doing a […]

Preparing Employees For International Assignments

How Companies can Promote and Prepare Employees for International Assignments? What Can be Done to Promote the Success of International Assignments? A study released by Employment Conditions Abroad (ECA) found that the amount of failed international work assignments has increased dramatically. The American group’s report concluded that 7.2 percent of international workplace assignments were terminated […]

Relocation Professional

How a Relocation Professional Can Guide Your Company to Diversity The business world is always changing. As relocation professionals, we have seen major changes in the human resources world first hand. The economy is truly becoming more global than ever before. Relocation professionals now operate in a much different world than even a decade ago. […]

Things to tell your employees about the relocation process

Employee Relocation How Honest Communication Can Aid in the Employee Relocation Process It wasn’t that long ago that a company would place a job posting in the local newspaper and wait for the resumes to pile up. Sure, it was great to find people that were in the same city, but many employers found their […]

Make Data-Driven Employee Relocation Decisions

WHR Stats – Accurate & Timely Housing and Community Data for Employee Relocations Making data-driven business decisions is essential for achieving success for any company, and the same can be said when it comes to employee relocations. At Welcomehome Relocations, we are committed to being a leader in the relocation industry, working tirelessly to deliver […]

Helpful, Friendly & Professional Service Delivered in Cold Lake, Alberta

Congratulations to Patti in Cold Lake, Alberta who received two outstanding service reviews! “My family is very appreciative that Patti was our relocation specialist for our relocation. Patti was professional, helpful and very friendly. She not only was able to show us great homes (while been given a tough must-have list) but she also found […]

How Do Renters Benefit from Support During the Employee Relocation Process?

Every employee relocation is unique. It is for this reason that companies are constantly evaluating the costs associated with successful employee relocations and are looking for ways to optimize their spending. Employees and their families have a lot on their plates as well – not only thinking about the upcoming changes the relocation will bring […]

The Important Role of a Relocation Specialist When Providing Destination Services

Deciding to relocate for an employment opportunity can be both an exciting and daunting task. Our goal at Welcomehome Relocations is to help you and your employees through every step of this process. Our team of experienced Relocation Specialists have worked hard over the years to become the leading provider of destination services in Canada. […]

Exceptional Reviews for Our "Rock Star" Consultant in B.C.

Shout out to Mark F. in Fergie, British Columbia for receiving these two raving reviews! The first is from the transferee he assisted and the other is from our client! “I want you to know how much I appreciate the excellent service you guys have provided me on my process moving to Canada – Especially […]

Welcomehome Provides "Services like No Other!"

“I moved last Thursday and am so happy to finally be able to settle in my new fabulous apartment. Your services are like no other – you paid very close attention to my situation to make sure I found the perfect place to settle in and I appreciated having you at every step of the […]

Employee Relocation – International Moves

Selecting the Right Candidates/Employees for International Moves – What Characteristics and Personality Traits Do Recruiters Seek? Selecting the right candidates and employees for an international career opportunity can be a challenging task. There are various characteristics and personality traits that must be considered to ensure the candidate is the right person for the job. More […]

Relocating Families During an Employee Relocation

Families come in all shapes and sizes. It can be hard to take part in an employee relocation as a single individual, but it can be even more challenging with a larger family. Not only do you need to take your desires into account, you also need to address the wishes and concerns of your […]

"Extremely Easy, Quick and Effective" Relocation Experiences in Vancouver & Toronto

“They made it extremely easy to help me find an apartment. It was extremely professional and made for an easy house hunting trip.” – S.B., Vancouver, BC “They allowed me to quickly and effectively relocate to a new city. Pamela was especially great at locating a place for me.” – J.R., Toronto, Ontario “They made […]

Canada's Real Estate Market – Relocations Canada

Canada was recently ranked the second best country in the world by the U.S. News & World Report’s Best Countries report, runner-up to Switzerland.  Canada has also once again become a top-ten destination for expatriate relocations, coming in at #9 after a number of years out of the top ten.  This is all good news […]

Employee Relocation & Culture Shock

Culture Shock – Tips and Symptoms of Culture Shock Culture shock is a very real challenge for many employees who relocate for work. It’s a physical and emotional discomfort that can have a negative impact on both people relocating for work and their families. Every person moving to a new country or city will likely […]

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