Welcomehome Provides "Services like No Other!"

“I moved last Thursday and am so happy to finally be able to settle in my new fabulous apartment. Your services are like no other – you paid very close attention to my situation to make sure I found the perfect place to settle in and I appreciated having you at every step of the way as moving into a new province can be challenging.” – S.L.
“Welcomehome Relocations really made my arrival and my research super easy. I felt really welcome with someone who really cared about what I was searching for.” – L.B.
We’ve also received very positive feedback from our transferees when responding to the following question: What does Welcomehome Relocations do really well?

  • Prompt and efficient processing 
  • Friendly, personable and knowledgeable advisors
  • Provides local knowledge of the destination city
  • Friendly and personable relocation specialists, easy to work with; knowledgeable about local communities
  • Everything, including setting up a new immigrant
  • Very quick responses to my questions and able to help with even uncommon concerns
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