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Making data-driven business decisions is essential for achieving success for any company, and the same can be said when it comes to employee relocations. At Welcomehome Relocations, we are committed to being a leader in the relocation industry, working tirelessly to deliver valuable data to both companies and relocating employees.
Moving to an unfamiliar city can be a very intimidating process. Information is an important factor when planning for a successful relocation. We created WHR Stats with this need in mind. Our goal is simple – connect our clients to some of the most accurate and comprehensive rental market data in the country. We currently provide comprehensive, complimentary rental market reports for six of Canada’s most popular employee relocation cities including Calgary, Edmonton, Fort McMurray, Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver. In addition to these six locations, Welcomehome is able to provide fee based surveys for every destination in Canada.
Our team updates each of our reports monthly with all the data you need to know before packing up and moving. Each of our complimentary rental reports includes facts on monthly rental costs (ranging from basic to luxury), average costs for one-bedroom apartments up to five-bedroom homes, and the reports break down the cost differences between fully furnished rentals and unfurnished rentals.
Access to our Rental Surveys can be done easily on our website. Simply visit our Rental Survey page where you can complete the form to access the list surveys. You will be able to access all Rental Surveys that have been completed in 2018 and 2019. New surveys will continue to be added on a quarterly basis, and additional surveys can be provided for previous years, or specific locations.
Based on our experience in the relocation industry, we know that every relocation is unique. Each relocating individual and family is different, and each may experience their own unique set of challenges, and have specific goals in mind. By harnessing the power of WHR Stats, you will be able to plan and set realistic rental budgets and review a range of researched content specific to a particular geographic location. Our experienced team of relocation experts have developed trustworthy connections throughout the country, providing us with unparalleled access to data such as local demographics, real estate trends and statistics, localized cost of living and dozens of other factors that can be customized to every client’s specific requirements. The type of data collected, report formatting, frequency of the reporting cycle, categories of housing transactions monitored, etc. can be customized based on the company, transferee and family needs.
Relocation budgets will vary greatly based on the job location. A relocation to Toronto will be very different from one to Fort McMurray. A Comparable Value Estimate (CVE) is a critical element of a well-designed relocation plan. These reports help companies determine realistic and fair housing budgets based on localized data. A CVE report compares cost differentials between the employee’s current residence with three comparable options in their future city. This snapshot gives the employer an excellent gauge to establish accurate cost predictions. Having trustworthy data in the early stages helps the employer have a fair compensation plan in place. The goal is to design a package that allows the assignees and their families the ability to maintain their current lifestyle in their new location, and CVE reports help manage this cost.
We have received excellent feedback from both relocating assignees and companies with Canadian employee relocation opportunities since we launched our WHR Stats reports. Our reports contain detailed statistics on Canadian urban regions. Understanding real estate data helps make relocations easier to manage and allows both the company and employee to save money. An employee relocation is a big project and the statistics found in the WHR Stats reports provide excellent insight.
Are you an employer looking to offer relocation job opportunities, or an employee who’s debating whether or not to accept an assignment? Download your free Rental Surveys online by visiting our Rental Surveys page, or our WHR Stats page to access valuable data that will aid in your journey.

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