Turning "Stressful Times" into "Comfortable Processes" Across Canada

Attentive, wonderful, helpful, detail-oriented, calming, positive, easy – these are a few of the words used to describe our team of Relocation Specialists across Canada. Read the testimonials below to learn more about the support our team can provide to relocating employees when assisting with destination and settling-in services.

“I needed someone to view an apartment on my behalf. Gloria was very attentive to my needs. She FaceTimed me during the visit, stayed in touch with me, responded to me quickly, and offered to help in any way. She’s absolutely lovely. It’s a wonderful service. I felt helpless prior to discovering WH Relocations. I don’t know anyone in Vancouver, so it’s not easy finding an apartment while living on the opposite side of the country. Thank you so much!” – J.G., Ottawa
“Turned a potentially stressful time into a comfortable process. I felt that I could focus on the major things while the consultant took care of the details.” – R.C.
“From the start Claire brought a calming presence which soothed the nerves that I was feeling about starting a new life. This continued into the actual house hunting. I felt that both Claire and Carole were on my side in finding the place that was going to be right for me. Claire showed me a great array of places in lots of different areas which enabled me to find the apartment that was right for me, which has only been confirmed in the past months. Claire helped me get a great deal on the final location, which would have been unavailable to me if I had been alone. The experience was really positive and was probably the easiest move that I’ve made to a new location.” – D.M.

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