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Learn How our Virtual Destination Services Can Help With your Employee Relocation
Virtual Destination Services
When relocating to another city, province or country there are many things to take into account. At Welcomehome Relocations, we understand that our clients require a high level of personalization when it comes to their relocation plan. We work hard to ensure the relocating employees we work with have everything they need for their move.
Our experienced team of relocation consultants will help you navigate through every step of your move; this ensures that you and your loved ones experience a smooth and successful transition. We do the work that you don’t have the time or experience to do yourself, allowing you the ability to focus on your work and personal life during a very hectic time. Many employee relocations fail within the first few weeks. For this reason, it is imperative to arrive prepared and comfortable.
Throughout our history, we’ve helped employees relocate for work opportunities around the globe. With so many potential locations, it can be hard for workers to tap into the various resources needed to make a move run smoothly. Our suite of Virtual Destination Services help relocating employees and their families connect with various resources and services in their new city. These services can provide a lot of comfort throughout the relocation experience, and can help to facilitate a smooth and easy transition to the new destination.
Simply put, we’ll provide you with important information about your destination through a variety of customized services that allow us to virtually assist you in moving forward with the relocation experience. Our services will provide employees with information in ways that are flexible and convenient for their busy lifestyle, including by phone, email or Skype. Through this service, we provide private counselling, information, and referrals to a wide range of resources in your future city. It is our goal to ensure that the employee and his/her family feel confident in beginning and navigating through the relocation experience. Virtual assistance can be provided in a number of areas, including settling-in and education assistance, help with finding a home, as well as with departure assistance.
Our team of Relocation Specialists are ready to assist employees with Virtual Destination Services in a wide range of locations, including international destinations. In our twenty years of experience as Canada’s premiere destination service provider, we have established partnerships with businesses in the relocation industry in a variety of countries. Our specialists are knowledgeable, supportive and can provide virtual assistance to facilitate an easy and carefree relocation experience.
Our process begins with one of our dedicated Relocation Specialists contacting you to discuss your goals and unique relocation requirements. Our Relocation Specialists ensure that they contact you at a time that is convenient for you, and bases this support on your preferred method for contact. With this knowledge, your Relocation Specialist will begin researching, and will locate the information and resources you need to make your move as stress-free as possible.
An employee relocation can be a stressful time for any children involved in the move. If you have a family with children, we’ll find various daycare and school options that will suit your budget and education goals. We’ll organize tours of potential schools on your behalf and we can even arrange for interviews with school principals or directors. Your Relocation Specialist will walk you through the entire school application process and will ensure you have all the information you need to pick the right school and programs for your kids.
Finding the right home is another critical piece of an employee relocation. Your Relocation Specialist will present you with options for accommodations that suit your unique needs and preferences. Based on our earlier conversations we’ll assist in locating and securing fully furnished suites, condominiums or houses. We will give you options for either short term or long term housing. Our team will work with landlords and realtors, as well as our established partnerships in international destinations, and we leverage our experience to find a home that matches your criteria and budget. Your Relocation Specialist will present you with various options, allowing you to have a selection of potential homes to choose from. Once you’ve decided which accommodation works for you, we’ll reach out to the respective landlord or real estate agent to confirm availability and work out all the important details on your behalf. You can simply sit back and wait for the keys.
There are dozens of other details that need to be addressed in order to have an effortless move. We’ll help you set up utilities, banking, Internet, television, transportation, mobile phone services and various other commonly used services. Your Relocation Specialist can be contacted at any time and will regularly provide you with the updates you need.
Every relocating employee has his/her own unique goals and needs. Moving to a new city for an employment opportunity is a big decision and it’s important that you are prepared for every step of the journey. A well-planned employee relocation will save you time, stress and money. Our Relocation Specialists are there to help you navigate through the entire employee relocation process, and will ensure the process is convenient by customizing the services to fit your needs. Our suite of Virtual Destination Services will instantly connect you to resources and information about your future home, all without you needing to be there in person. Our role in your relocation process is critical. We are there to tackle any problems you may encounter and discover new opportunities for you and your family.
Learn more about our Virtual Destination Services and how the suite can help with your upcoming employee relocation by speaking to one of our experienced Relocation Specialists today.
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