There is obvious stress associated with relocation on you, the transferee. Dealing with the transition to a new city and job, coping with culture shock, and deciding what to pack and what to purge are major stress factors. The stress you’re feeling will be mirrored in your family. Your spouse and children will have their own sources of stress. Whether you’re moving across town or to another country this can be a traumatic experience for your child. They’ll be moving away from the house they grew up in, their friends, their daily leisure activities and the neighborhood they have grown to know.

Before the move have your child research the city you’ll be relocating to. They can come compile a list of interesting facts or places they would like to see and visit. This will get them excited about exploring a new area. Help your children through the move by including them in the major and minor decisions. Have them come along with you when your relocation consultant is showing you properties and taking you on city tours. You may be surprised how helpful they can be! This will help alleviate their anxiety, letting them know that their feelings and concerns are being considered. You’ll be moving into a new house allow them to have a say in how their new room will be decorated. This will help them adjust quickly in their new surroundings as they’ve had ownership on what their new space will look like. Encourage your children to get involved in their new school activities. Meeting new friends in the neighborhood will avoid feelings of isolation or loneliness.

Allow them to feel grief about the move. Don’t force them to suppress the stress and anxiety they may be feeling. Have them create a list of both the pros and cons about the move. Hopefully the pros list will be longer than the cons list! If it’s not; put a positive spin on some of cons that are listed. You may just need to open their eyes to all the wonderful possibilities available in the new city!