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rsz_1rsz_accountingUnderstanding Relocation Expenses With a Detailed CVE Report
Finding housing which fits into a budget is a large component of an employee relocation. A transferring employee must be equipped with realistic and fair housing price expectations. A CVE report is an excellent place to find this valuable information.
Essentially a CVE report compares an employee’s current primary residence with three equivalent homes in the market the employee is relocating to. The report gauges housing rental and purchasing prices, demographics, population trends and many other important factors.
Companies offering relocation consultation services should have a strong handle on real estate costs locally, nationally and globally. At Welcomehome Relocations we’ve worked hard researching real estate market information across Canada. Our database of CVE reports contains detailed information on average rental rates in all major Canadian markets, but we’ve found that this data only tells a fraction of the story.
It’s important to not only understand historical real estate trends, but also to research and analyze elements such as future market trends, population growth, cost of living and many other factors in all major markets across the country. By having a comprehensive and detailed reporting system we are able to properly aid in our client’s relocations.
Understanding the financial elements is key piece for planning a successful employee relocation. Employees need to know all potential costs they’re facing in advance, this will aid in their contract negotiations. We’ve found that reviewing detailed CVE reports can add a layer of comfort for the employee and their families by seeing that the lifestyle they currently enjoy can be found in their new home.
Employers also want to ensure that unnecessary stresses are avoided. Failed relocations often begin by not having enough information in the early stages, this can save companies a lot of money. A detailed CVE will help employers avoid overspending on housing allowances and can even aid in determining mortgage subsidies for the relocating employee.
Imagine having comprehensive, up-to-date and granular real estate market data at your fingertips. The data found in our CVE reports will aid in all stages of the employee relocation process. Companies can plan everything from forecasting employee relocation expenses for a single employee move to a full project relocation.
One of our experienced relocation professionals would be more than happy for arrange a meeting to review CVE reports relevant to your company and relocation goals. We’ll walk you through the reports and explain the details that will be relevant to your business. Contact us to learn more.

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