Relocating with a Pet

Although relocating with a pet can be a lengthy and difficult task, you probably can’t imagine leaving the last furry member of your family behind. These tasks will need to be completed before your journey. If you follow these recommendations, you and your companion will both arrive safely!
1. Plan ahead! Taking the time to make the appropriate arrangement will ensure a safe relocation. Ease your pet into the idea by beginning to pack well in advance, and maintaining your pet’s normal routine.
2. Purchase the correct pet carrier. Don’t scrimp in this department. Invest in a high quality, sturdy carrier as your animal friend will be spending an abundance of time in it during the move. Purchase it in advance so your pet has time to get accustomed to the carrier.
3. Purchase a new ID tag for them, with your NEW address. That way incase anything happens they will be returned to your new home.
4. Talk to your veterinarian. Ask them about any vaccinations, medications, and health certificates you may need in your new locale. You can also discuss behavior modification techniques or medication that will lessen their stress levels through the move and settling in.
5. Find pet friendly accommodations in advance. Whether you’ll be staying in a hotel ortemporary furnished accommodations you will likely have to do some research as not all accommodations allow this. Be honest about the type of pet and size of your animal as you do not want to show up just to be turned away because of their policy.
6. Plan your air travel in advance. Check the airlines animal travel requirements. You will need to take precautions to ensure your pet’s safety, so give yourself ample time to work out all the arrangements and understand your airlines specific pet policy.
7. Prepare your new home upon your arrival. Be sure to pack familiar and necessary items that your pet will need immediately. It is also helpful to keep a recent photo of your pet on hand in case they become lost.
We hope this information makes relocating your pet a bit easier. As well your relocation consultant can be a great tool in helping arrange the necessary requirements for relocating this member of your family!

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