Signature Plus

Leading the way in service quality, innovation and professionalism, Welcomehome Relocations is proud to introduce Signature Plus, a full service solution for your relocating executives. Signature Plus includes the same great service you’ve come to know and expect from Welcomehome with enhanced features and services. A member of Welcomehome’s Relocation Specialist team will take care of the executive throughout the process, seeing them safely from origin to destination. This extra level of support facilitates a stress-free relocation and readies the employee for their new role and responsibilities within your organization.

What distinguishes our Signature Plus Service?
  • Whenever possible, only our most senior Relocation Specialists will be assigned to work with these transferees.
  • Higher end transportation available as required*
  • A welcome basket will await the transferee and their family at their hotel or TA.
  • A local prepaid cell phone will be provided at the hotel or TA for International VIP’s.
  • During any full day of service, the transferee and their families will enjoy breakfast and lunch.**
  • Fresh flowers and some necessary supplies will be provided upon arrival at their permanent housing.
  • 8 hours of Concierge and Errand Services is included.

*Additional charges will apply
** Breakfast will consist of typical coffee shop type offerings. Alcohol not included.

Service Details
  • Pre-Arrival

    • Introductory phone call from Relocation Specialist within 12 hours.
    • Detailed needs assessment will be conducted with the transferee and their spouse to determine expectations.
    • Before leaving for their new community, our Relocation Specialist will build rapport with the transferee by providing information such as a listing of the important documents they need to bring with them and anything else that might be of interest, for instance, sample housing listings.
    • Access will be provided to the Destination Login feature on our website giving them a comprehensive database about their destination city to review.


    • A “meet and greet” airport pick up will take place with the transferee being dropped off at their prearranged hotel or TA.
    • The Relocation Specialist will have a meeting with the transferee and their family to review the agenda and service expectations.
    • A Custom Welcome Package will be provided based on family dynamic.
    • Sit down review of Welcome Package and itinerary for the day.

    City Orientation

      Day 1 – City Exploration

    • Driving/walking tour of the city highlights.
    • Child Car Seats provided if required.

    Day 2 – Introduction to Neighborhoods

    • Customized tour based on the needs/requirements of the transferee.
    • Driving/walking tour of local neighborhoods including notable amenities.
    • Child Car Seats provided if required.

    Temporary Accommodations

    • Assist with locating and securing fully furnished suites, condominiums or houses for short-term or temporary accommodations.
    • Accompaniment if required.
    • Provide a welcome basket to the property just prior to transferee’s arrival.

    Rental Search

    • Rental Search customized to the needs of the transferee
    • Child Car Seats provided if required
    • The Relocation Specialist will assist with all dealings with the landlord including lease review, document signing and deposit transactions.
    • A walk thru inspection will be conducted.

    Settling In Services**

    *Social Insurance Number

    • Explain purpose
    • Procedure, documentation and location
    • Accompany, if desired, or take documentation to HRDC Office so transferee can minimize time away from work

    *Health Insurance

    • Explain purpose and eligibility
    • Application procedure and documentation
    • Procedures for payment

    *Driver’s License

    • Outline application procedure, tests involved, restrictions
    • Provide copy of Driver’s Handbook for theory test if required
    • Book appointment for road test, if requested
    • Location and documentation required
    • Accompany if desired

    *Vehicle Registration

    • Assist with procedure for registering a vehicle from the U.S.
    • Provide information on documentation, requirements for plates
    • Accompany if desired

    *Banking & Credit Cards

    • Overview of banking system
    • Assist with banking by providing contacts and setting up appointments
    • Accompany if desired
    • Advise on documentation in absence of Social Insurance Number
    • Advise on credit situation and contacts if there is no credit rating in Canada


    • Research schools (either public or private)
    • Set up appointments to tour school and meet principal or director
    • Research any special requirements based on children’s needs
    • Accompany to appointments if desired

    Daycares or Preschools

    • Research programs that suit specific children’s needs, based on proximity to home, scheduling etc.
    • Set up appointments, pre-screen based on client specifications
    • Accompany to appointments if desired


    • Facilitate the setup of telephone, hydro, water – set up appointments; prepare for occupancy
    • Research long distance phone providers – provide client options and recommendations based on usage
    • Provide television options, set up appointments
    • Research internet providers – provide client all options and recommendations
    • Arrange for presence at house for appointments in lieu of transferee


    • Provide options to enable relocating client to obtain most competitive rate, even with no driving record in Canada
    • Explain various insurance plans – car, house, tenant etc.

    Car Lease or Purchase

    • Research car dealers – provide options and alternatives to address leasing and buying challenges due to lack of credit rating in Canada

    Health Care

    • Research available doctors based on special requirements, doctors accepting new patients, doctors close to home or work, specialists
    • Explain procedures for medical visits, emergency wards, walk in clinics, local hospitals, specialists
    • Find a dentist based on client needs, explain payment procedures


    • Find appropriate facilities for fitness, clubs etc. based on specifications
    • Determine and find appropriate programs for family such as swimming, dancing, skating, riding etc.

    Household Requirements

    • Organize rental furnishings if required.
    • Locating contractors if needed (i.e. painters, general repairs, etc.)
    • Find services such as lawn care and landscaping, cleaning services, pool services etc.
    • Advise of community recycle and garbage procedures etc.

    Ongoing Assistance

    • Relocation Specialist provides phone support for 6 months subsequent to relocation

    *To be given first priority
    **This list represents the most commonly requested services, but we excel in customizing our clients’ special and unique requirements.

    Lifestyle Solutions

  • Household Management: We provide comprehensive services in all aspects of home management.  Household maintenance, contractors, organizers, designers, landscaping, cleaning, seasonal decorating.
  • Concierge & Errand Services: groceries, dry cleaning, gift shopping, dog walking, activities for children.
  • Personal time management assistance: arrange appointments, waiting for contractors, accepting deliveries, party and event planning.
  • Vacation Pkg: make travel arrangements, collect mail/papers, pet care, outside maintenance, bill payments, water plants, airport pick up and drop off.
  • Moving Pkg: arrange for all stages of move, put away services, key delivery, arrange contractors, utility setup, attendance for deliveries.
  • Ad hoc: customized program for any needs

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