Social Media – Bridging the Gaps in Employee Relocation

Employee Relocation

Virtual Relocation SpecialistEmployee relocation can be a complicated process with a lot of moving parts. Managing all of these elements is often challenging. The solution may be found in something many of us use every day.
Social media may be the perfect solution for bringing together all the elements in an employee relocation. Also, it hands a new level of control over to those relocating for work.
Companies across the country are expanding into more and more markets. Employees are often asked to move to new locations around the world. As we move internationally it’s important for information to be available instantly, at all times of the day. Social media doesn’t sleep, people can communicate throughout the day. This creates a constant stream of information between those moving, the employer and local resources.
Big data is also becoming a reality in employee relocation. Layers of documentation and information are being stored and shared remotely in digital clouds. Gone are the days of mailing documents. Social media allows for quick communication and movement of documents. Previously complicated documentation and processes can be explained via online video conferencing and can be shared via social tools such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Drive and other digital tools.
More and more Millennials are becoming part of employee relocations. Social media and mobile technology are already firmly engrained into their day-to-day lives and are often used in their business interactions. Using these tools as part of their employee relocation only seems logical. Social media allows for easy digital face-to-face to interactions with new co-workers and others in a new location. This adds a new layer of comfort for those on the verge of a major move. These new personalized encounters can save companies millions of dollars by avoiding failed relocation programs. Social media allows people to connect to their new homes in a much more personal way. Those moving can now see experience their new backyards from the comfort of their living room, meet people with similar interests and hobbies, learn about local programs and resources, view properties, all via social media.
Today’s business world depends heavily on integrating technology, the relocation experience can be the same with social media being the glue that bridges elements together. In addition to being a powerful tool for managing the documentation of a relocation it can add an extra human layer which provide comfort for those moving.
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