Relocation Professional

How a Relocation Professional Can Guide Your Company to Diversity The business world is always changing. As relocation professionals, we have seen major changes in the human resources world first hand. The economy is truly becoming more global than ever before. Relocation professionals now operate in a much different world than even a decade ago. […]

Continued Increase in International Student Numbers in Canadian Schools

Why has Canada become a popular destination for international students? The Canadian education system continues to attract international students to its secondary and post-secondary schools. The rise in popularity from international students stems from the strong reputation that many Canadian schools, including the University of Toronto, University of Waterloo and the University of British Columbia, […]

Students Relocating To Canada

Tips for International Students Relocating to Canada   Canadian universities and colleges continue to see more students attending their schools from overseas. For many years China sent a steady stream of students to Canada, but schools are now seeing an increase from countries such as Nigeria, Brazil, Russia, France and Vietnam. The Canadian Bureau for […]

How to handle a long-distance move when changing jobs

Relocating across the country for a job can be a great opportunity—and a huge headache. Here’s how to get there in style. – Published in Canadian Business written by Rosemary Counter April 2016   Destination services companies can help, such as WelcomeHome Relocations of Stouffville, Ont., which has 60 locations across Canada. “We’re the end-of-the-line […]

Relocation Services Canada

The Exciting Adventure of Relocating Learn More About Relocating to Toronto and Vancouver Relocation is a reality facing many people working in today’s job market. Many are attracted to opportunities that markets such as Toronto and Vancouver have to offer. Sometimes new cities offer bigger paycheques, or simply just an opportunity to widen one’s horizons. […]

Destination Login well received by customers …

Welcomehome Relocations recently relaunched their website – – and incorporated a new login feature for the benefit of their transferees. With over 17 years of experience working with transferees, they know the stress and anxiety that builds during a relocation, particularly an international move, as people realize they have more questions than answers about […]

Social Media – Bridging the Gaps in Employee Relocation

Employee Relocation Employee relocation can be a complicated process with a lot of moving parts. Managing all of these elements is often challenging. The solution may be found in something many of us use every day. Social media may be the perfect solution for bringing together all the elements in an employee relocation. Also, it […]

Saving Money With Properly Planned Employee Relocation

A full Employee Relocation from origin to final destination can be one of the most expensive employee benefits offered by a company. There are actually many ways that companies can save money and still provide their employees with the conveniences and security of a well rounded relocation package. Every employee relocation is unique. The business […]

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