Relocating across the country for a job can be a great opportunity—and a huge headache. Here’s how to get there in style.

– Published in Canadian Business written by Rosemary Counter April 2016

Destination Services


Destination services companies can help, such as WelcomeHome Relocations of Stouffville, Ont., which has 60 locations across Canada. “We’re the end-of-the-line piece of a relocation,” says president Judy McDougall. “We help people find places to live, get familiar and get settled in.” These kinds of companies help set up bank accounts, health insurance and driver’s licences, as well as register children for schools (they’ll even find you a local hockey team) and introduce families to new neighbours. “Lots of people think moving’s easy and that they can do it all themselves,” says McDougall. “Some can, but it’s much more difficult without any customized help.”

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