Welcomehome Relocations recently relaunched their website – whrelocations.com – and incorporated a new login feature for the benefit of their transferees. With over 17 years of experience working with transferees, they know the stress and anxiety that builds during a relocation, particularly an international move, as people realize they have more questions than answers about their new community and country. Welcomehome also understands the foundation of a successful relocation is access to information. With this in mind, they invested several months of research to create a comprehensive data base covering more than 60 Canadian cities (and growing).

In addition to maps, population and climatic statistics, the Destination Login addresses many specific settling in questions with local details. Welcomehome also provides several documents about what to expect when moving to Canada, including:  “Coping with Cultural Shock”, “Important Documents to Bring”, an introduction to the “Metric System” and a 46 page “Canada Cultural Guide” (it’s important to know what a “double-double” is at Tim Hortons and what a “loonie” is!).

As soon as a new order is received, Welcomehome establishes the login credentials and the details are supplied to the assignee. While this could be several weeks before they actually meet their assigned Welcomehome Relocation Specialist in their new destination, it allows the transferee, and their families, to start educating themselves right away.

A number of clients have asked for a preview and Welcomehome has been only too happy to accommodate those requests. Customer feedback has been extremely positive.