"Invaluable Knowledge" for an International Move to Canada

Excellent Customer Service Recognition for one of our Relocation Specialists in St. John.

“Hi Matt, We are now feeling very settled at the house, and want to say a very big thank you to you for all the time you spent with us during our two pre-move trips to St. John’s and also after we moved in. We felt at all times that you were there when we needed you, and that your local knowledge was invaluable. We could be honest with you about things, and that really helped so much! Your service was definitely one of the highlights of the move, and put us very much at ease with the rental situation and all of the “red tape” that is involved in an international move. Thanks for driving us around, for showing us shortcuts, and for making the SIN number, driving license, MCP and electric/propane switchover processes incredibly easy. It was such a pleasure to meet you, and we wish you all the best with the job!” – M., December 2013


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