“I wanted to provide you some written feedback on my experience working with Lynn, Relocation Consultant from Welcomehome Relocations. Overall, I was very satisfied with Lynn’s customer service. She took the time to listen and understand my needs and I felt she asked me the right questions when I was unsure or hesitant about a particular location or rental.

Lynn was responsive to all my queries, before and during the days of the rental search, and provided very helpful advice. During the viewings, I really appreciated how she would ask the landlord/property manager the relevant questions while I was looking around at the space. I found this to be a very efficient use of our time and allowed me to view as many places until we found the right one, in the right location. She was personable and professional, and I personally think this was one of the factors that helped me get the viewing of the apartment I decided to rent – the landlord was originally not going to show the unit until the Tuesday after I left Vancouver, but she spoke with him on the phone and confirmed a booking that day. I would recommend Lynn to any future clients relocating to Vancouver.
Sincerely, M.” – October 2012