Consistent Service Across Canada

All across Canada, people are talking about the great service they received from Welcomehome’s Relocation Specialists.

“Hi Cheryl, it’s great to hear from you. I have to say, I enjoyed every minute of the tour and the company was excellent. Before you picked me up I was wondering if we would be able to keep the conversation going for the day. Well, I have to say, I certainly had no issues in that department. You are no doubt very easy to connect with. I think we covered pretty well every topic. I will be looking so forward to seeing you again. I am starting work on June 17th and will be looking for a place for myself and my husband. I am looking to have an apartment by the first of August. If you don’t mind I would love it if I could contact you and get some follow up as to what you know is for rent. Also, I would love to take you out to lunch as you were so very helpful and went out of your way to help me. I will be flying to Edmonton on my days off but am planning on taking a couple of my weekends to go look for an apartment. Looking forward to seeing you again.” – L.
“Hi Dennis, I am very appreciative for all of your help. Thank you very much! You definitely have made my transition easier. I will definitely be calling your friend for golf. Hopefully she’s not TOO good! Lol Thanks again.” – S.
“I just called our client and he is absolutely thrilled with Shirley and all the help she has provided. He raved about Shirley, she really did an excellent job. I just called her cell number and left a message to let her know how happy he is and in turn how happy the account is. Thanks again for all your help!” – K.
“Morning Michelle, It was great meeting you as well. I really am greatly thankful for all your work and effort in assisting me with my search, as well as making it an excellent experience. I will definitely not hesitate to contact you again. Cheers!” – N.
“Neil, Thank you so much for your assistance in my apartment hunt. Your incredible knowledge of the market and cheerful approach made apartment hunting fun. Thanks for taking the stress out of the week! Enjoy your summer on the bike trails!” – M.
“The time spent with Marie-Claude on the orientation tour was extremely valuable. She was thorough, willing and happy to take the time, and imparted a lot of knowledge about Montreal. She was friendly and processional and a real ambassador for her organization. I personally highly recommend people of her caliber to host such tours.” – N.
“Shirley, Everything was great for us. Truly enjoyed this experience. I enjoyed our time together, lots of laughs and excellent care was taken in looking after our little family. Thanks so much.” – K.
“Mike, thank you very much for the superior service you provided, not only in helping us find a suitable rental property but also in introducing us to the St. John’s area. I’ll give you an 11 out of 10 ϑ. The housing selection process was difficult given the tight real estate market in St. John’s but we ended up with a great rental property. You helped make the transition from Houston to St. John’s a lot easier than anticipated for us. Thanks!” – D.

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