6 Tips for a Successful Employee Relocation

Employee Relocation

Agreeing to relocate as part of a job can be one of the most stressful processes someone can undertake during their career. There are a lot of moving pieces that need be addressed.
Working with an employment relocation expert is a great way to alleviate some of this stress for the employee and their family. Instead, it’s a lot more productive for the employee to focus their energy on their new job, while letting a trained professional handle the logistics of the move.
We’ve worked with many people relocating over the years. Here’s what typically needs to happen for a smooth employee relocation.
Stay Organized – There are a lot of little pieces that need addressed during a relocation. Staying organized ensures that nothing is forgotten and can dramatically decrease the risk of stressful unforeseen issues during the move. An experienced relocation professional will work the individual to prepare to-do lists. It’s important to have an action plan in place not only for the actual move, but for arrival and the weeks following.
Know Available Resources – A successful relocation plan is typically a flexible plan. Digital technology has allowed many employees to take more ownership of their move. Some employers are now giving their relocating employees a capped dollar amount to access. This helps the employer contain and manage their costs, but at the same empowers their employees during the move. We work with transferees to self-manage their move and stay within their budgets.
Relocation professionals can quickly share valuable resources to their clients. Understanding all available resources and tapping into them is an important part of the relocation. Every relocation package is different. Some companies will pay for things such as house hunting trips, vehicle transportation, real estate support, assistance for spousal job search and many other elements. It’s important to understand all resources and to utilize them efficiently.
Learning About a New Home in Advance – It’s important for employees to understand and explore their new homes. The Internet provides the convenience of exploring neighbourhoods quickly and easily.
Everyone wants to find a right location for themselves and their family’s lifestyle. Families with children will want to find a neighbourhood located near parks and reputable schools; art lovers will want easy access to music venues and theatre; while fitness lovers will want to be close to gyms and recreational areas. It helps to get as much perspective as possible, connecting with local resources is a great place to start. Beginning to read local news and blogs can help people learn more about their new homes ahead of time.
Understand Costs – The cost of living can vary greatly from one city to another, this is even more relevant when an employee is moving to another country. A relocation expert will advise if the employee’s relocation package takes local cost of living into account. Researching online can quickly provide the employee with a clear snapshot of regional living costs.
Plan for Timelines – A common mistake that many make during a relocation is buying a home too early or signing a long-term lease too quickly. Flexibility is important in the beginning, employees need to ability to move to a neighbourhood that works for them. If a home isn’t working they need the option of trying somewhere else.
Renting is ideal for many relocating employees. This allows them to quickly settle into their new communities while learning about their new surroundings.
Use Social Media – Social media allows people the ability to explore their new communities without leaving their home. They can quickly connect to co-workers who have previously relocated and ask questions. After the move the employee can instantly access a network of loved ones back home. The ability to connect with people remotely greatly improves the likelihood of a successful relocation.
People can learn about recreational activities and connect with people who share similar interests and hobbies. Social media does have the power to reduce the amount of failed assignments, therefore saving companies a lot of money. An experienced relocation organization will encourage people to utilize social media as core piece during their journey.
Being asked to relocate can be an exciting chapter in one’s career. A smooth relocation can not only limit stress, but can make the process an exciting one. Ideally, the employee can focus instead on the exciting opportunities that await them in their new location. It’s important that people remember that their employers value them enough to invest in their relocation.

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