A change, a job, a new place to live.

Let us be there for you throughout your relocation.
Living in a technological age there is an endless flow of information streaming in cyberspace. You can type any combination of letters or words into Google, and it will generate a list of responses. You may be asking yourself why you would use a relocation company when you can simply find all the answers with the click of a button.
The answer to this is quite simple.
The abundance of information can actually hinder your search, rather than enhance it. Sifting through that information is a time consuming task. Compiling all the information you need for a move is bad enough; but finding all the information you need for relocation is something else entirely. Housing, schooling, provincial and government requirements, health care, and banking will be different depending on where you’re moving from and where you’re moving to. The unknown is the riskiest factor. Especially when you don’t even know that you don’t know something!
Consider when you need to get your car fixed, or your hair done, or go to court. In most cases you will hire an expert to change your oil, put in highlights or fight that fraud charge. You hire a professional to complete a professional’s job. Why would it be any different when you are relocating? A relocation specialist can be there for you throughout your transfer allowing you to focus on your new job instead of having to worry about personal business. The peace of mind knowing that you don’t have to worry about the unknown is priceless. Nothing opens up a new area as much as someone who is motivated and interested only in helping you. At Welcomehome Relocations we cater to each individual’s requests and needs. We strive to be there not only as a consultant, but as a friend. As we’ve previously discussed in Relocation Frustration one of the biggest risk factors when relocating are feelings of loneliness or isolation. Having someone greet you at the airport, show you around town and help you complete all the necessary documents will make your transition much smoother.
View the Welcomehome Relocations website to see what services a corporate relocation specialist can offer. Other corporate and transferee benefits are as follows.
• Elimination of relocation stress for transferees and their families.
• Increased productivity – allows transferees to focus on their new jobs and companies instead of trying to take care of personal business.
• Reduction in transferee and family frustrations knowing that needs are being looked after – “nothing opens up a new area as much as someone who is motivated and interested only in helping you”.
• Other company personnel are not required to assist the transferee and can then focus on their own responsibilities.
• Increased loyalty to the company – transferee’s perception of working for a progressive, caring company.
• Any investment in a transferee’s well-being fosters increased loyalty and productivity.
• Increased potential for companies to acquire the best individuals for positions as a result of offering a “total” relocation package.

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