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Addressing the Challenges Facing Employee Relocations to Canada
When an employee relocates to Canada from another country there are many important elements that must not be overlooked. At Welcomehome Relocations we provide our clients with all the tools, research and expert advice they need to ensure a relocation runs smoothly and exceeds the expectations of everyone involved.
We’re experts in all elements of domestic, cross-border and international employee relocations. Our goal is to ensure that no stone is unturned; our ‘settling-in’ service is a customized assistance program offered to employees relocating to Canada for work.
Documentation is one of the biggest hurdles that our team handles daily. It’s important that all documentation from both the federal and provincial governments are properly addressed with authorities.
Relocating employees need quick access to driver’s licences, health care, vehicle registrations, Social Insurance Numbers, and many other forms of vital documentation. An experienced relocation strategist will work with an employee to ensure that all services and government paperwork is filed and completed properly. We can take care of every detail of an employee’s various applications. Our team can aid in everything from delivering paperwork to providing study books for a provincial road test. It’s important to take care of all registration and documents quickly in order to ensure an easy transition in the employee’s personal and professional life. At Welcomehome Relocations our team will help with the following:

  • Social Insurance Number
  • Driver’s Licence
  • Vehicle Importation and Registration
  • Provincial Health Card
  • Heath Care for Individual Workers and Families
  • Banking and Credit Cards
  • Insurance
  • Car Purchase or Leasing
  • Mortgage and Financing Support
  • Household Setup
  • Emergency Service Information
  • Utilities
  • Public Transportation
  • Household Requirements
  • Lifestyle and Recreation
  • Education
  • Daycare Services
  • Airport and Shuttle Information

Soft skills are important too. Workers from regions outside the Western business world may require training on Canadian work etiquette and communication strategies. It’s also essential to learn about what’s like to live in Canada.
There’s a lot that needs taken care of quickly during a relocation, especially when the worker is moving from another country. Differences in banking, taxes, education, transportation, lifestyle, insurance, Internet, television, utilities and many other services may be different in Canada than the worker’s country of origin. Our team understands the ends and outs of setting up a relocating employee’s home quickly and affordably.
Employers want to ensure that their relocating employees are properly situated in Canada. Making sure that everything runs smoothly ensures maximum productivity and less downtime. By eliminating stress and distractions we help employees focus on their work and creating a comfortable home, not their move. We provide flexible services that work hand-in-hand with both the employer and the employee’s goals and needs. We’re there to address any questions and enhance the employee’s experience. We take a lot of pride in how we work our clients and by offering and providing them with any resource they need quickly, along with full telephone support. We excel at being a single point of contact for all information and resources required by employees relocating to Canada and the companies orchestrating the move.
Generally, we find that relocating families really enjoy their move to Canada, they just need the right support systems. Each relocation plan is unique and there are countless factors that must be accounted for. People moving to certain regions in Quebec may benefit from French lessons, adjusting to winter weather is much different in Newfoundland than in Vancouver. Our team has seen it all and we have the experience to help.
Not many people say that they were too prepared for a move. We work with clients in advance, the key is preparation. Contact one of our experienced team members to learn more about how we can make your employee relocation less stressful and cost effective.
For more information about our Settling-In Assistance and Relocating Employees please click here.
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