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The Exciting Adventure of Relocating
Learn More About Relocating to Toronto and Vancouver

Relocation is a reality facing many people working in today’s job market. Many are attracted to opportunities that markets such as Toronto and Vancouver have to offer. Sometimes new cities offer bigger paycheques, or simply just an opportunity to widen one’s horizons.

Moving to a new city for a new job can be an unnerving experience, but it can also be an exciting adventure. Proper research and planning are key to making your relocation easier and successful.

It’s important to establish your comfort zone in the beginning planning of a potential relocation. What’s important to you and your family? Obviously, money is an important factor, but there are many other factors to research such as:

  • Entertainment options

  • Social and economic trends of neighbourhoods

  • Cuisine section and availability

  • Local tourist destinations

  • Educational opportunities

Working with a relocation professional is a great place to start. Relocation professionals offer a unique and valuable service for people thinking about relocating. We’ll meet with you and learn about your goals and expectations. Workers can tap into our team’s many years of experience to gain valuable information about some of Canada’s top relocation markets. Also, we can save you a lot of time, money and stress by orchestrating your relocation. We can help you plan and implement everything from finding movers to setting up cable.

The more you learn about the city you’re moving to the better. A successful relocation happens when people are aware of their new communities before their moving truck enters the driveway.

Toronto and Vancouver are very different from one another, but they do share the distinction of being two of Canada’s most popular relocation destinations. Let’s take a look at the relocation opportunities in each of these hot markets.

Relocating to Toronto

Toronto is surrounded by some of the nation’s most breathtaking rivers, creeks and of course Lake Ontario. In addition to it’s natural assets, Toronto is Canada’s largest urban area and the financial hub of the country.

The city offers many adventures for art lovers with events happening nightly. Toronto has become known as a flourishing breeding ground in the arts world and is a hub for provocative cinema and music.

It’s transit system (the third largest in North America) and pedestrian areas make Toronto a very accessible city. For many, owning a vehicle is not a necessity. Diversity is another selling feature, the city offers newcomers a great selection of unique neighbourhoods, each offering their own selection of cuisine, culture, shops and architecture. Toronto is home to some of the world’s most popular festivals including the Scotiabank Caribbean Carnival and one of the world’s largest LGBT pride festivals.

There’s a clear ‘work hard and play hard’ energy in the city, we find that this philosophy appeals to many. Perhaps that’s one of the reasons that Fortune Magazine described Toronto as the international city for work and family. The city provides many appealing employment options, safe surroundings and lots to do for people of any tastes. It’s cultural diversity makes Toronto an excellent destination for international workers.

It’s hard not to be impressed by Toronto’s size and entertainment options upon arriving. Canada’s human rights legislation is one of the best in the world, this provides ample opportunity for fair housing, education and work opportunities.

Relocating to Vancouver

Vancouver is surrounded by some of the world’s most beautiful natural scenery. It’s western location and access to the Pacific made Vancouver grow as an industrial hub. Like many cities in the west, Vancouver’s high tech industry has been growing rapidly and doesn’t appear to be slowing down. Many relocating find employment opportunities in software and app development, video game design, aerospace and biotech firms, animation and film studios and many other businesses.

The city’s ocean views coupled with snowy peaked mountains provide many excellent photo opportunities to share. With milder weather than most of Canada, the climate is appealing to many.

People in Vancouver also know how to have fun. The Granville Entertainment District is one of the city’s nighttime hotspots with a seven block stretch of pubs, clubs and restaurants to provide entertainment.

Vancouver has been known for years as a musician’s haven. Famous musician’s such as Sarah McLachlan, Bryan Adams, Trooper and many others got their start in the city. Today’s musical landscape is as diverse as Vancouver’s culture. On any given night you will be able to find live rock, blues, hip hop, dance, punk and country performances.

Nature lovers enjoy the fact that a quick canoe trip or a mountain hike are a quick drive away. It will be hard to resist taking in the regions stunning beauty. Vancouver features some of the best skiing and winter activity options in the world. The world saw the region’s stunning scenery during the 2010 Winter Olympic Games.

The city is growing quickly. Vancouver has some of the highest real estate and home rental prices in North America. Surveys continue to name Vancouver as one of the most beautiful and livable cities in the world. A two bedroom rental will average at $1,350 and the average cost of a house averages at $1.2 million.

Living in Vancouver will allow you to explore amazing outdoor and indoor activities. With everything the city has to offer, there is truly something for everyone. There’s a lot of rain, but winter’s are generally mild and temperatures rarely dip below freezing. Vancouver’s cultural diversity makes the city a great destination for international workers.

Handling change is the biggest challenge facing most people when relocating to another city. Using social media as a tool to share your new adventure is a great way to make this change easier. A relocation professional provides many services to prepare you for your move. Preparation is a key service we provide. We work with our clients to plan, budget and research their moves. You never know where a well-planned relocation will take you in life.

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