Saving Money With Properly Planned Employee Relocation

A full Employee Relocation from origin to final destination can be one of the most expensive employee benefits offered by a company. There are actually many ways that companies can save money and still provide their employees with the conveniences and security of a well rounded relocation package.
Every employee relocation is unique. The business may need to process documentation for expat workers, find new housing, help families find information about nearby schools and sometimes help with a trailing spouse’s job search.
The most important thing to remember is that a well-planned employee relocation does not just focus on the moving day it focuses on the entire moving relocation process.
The ability to track a move offers peace of mind for both the company and the employee. Many moving companies with experience in employee relocation services offer this option to their customers. Also, having a dedicated Move Management Coordinator allows both the company and the employee a consistent contact throughout the relocation process.
A good pre-move plan will include a detailed breakdown of the employee’s new location. Evaluating the following things in advance will save money and ensure that the relocated employee and family will enjoy their new surrounding.

  • Neighbourhood statistics
  • Nearby schools, hospitals, religious facilities and fitness centres
  • Available shopping, recreation and parks
  • Length of daily commute and transportation options
  • Employment options for employee’s spouse

Spending time planning before the move can also save substantial amounts of money. Develop incentives and offer resources that encourage employees to sort through items and eliminate things that are not needed or can be replaced easily. This will dramatically reduce moving expenses and result in a less stressful move.
Careful planning will also aid in the arrival of your employee and family members. Coordinate all third party household services such as utilities, phone, cable and Internet.

For more information on our flexible package options for employee relocation please click here.

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